Quant ICT becomes and launches a new innovative concept “The Smart Network”

Quant ICT becomes and launches a new innovative concept “The Smart Network”

Quant ICT a recognized market leader in the integration of ICT solutions decided to slightly change course and comes with a new innovative concept “The Smart Network”

The Smart Network of wants to help organisations anticipate on the upcoming questions about IoT, Smart City, Smart Building, ... These concepts are impossible without knowing what’s happening on your network.

Our new & unique proposition: “The Smart Network”

Definition of the Smart Network
The smart network is a collection of connected devices that allows the transfer of data and gathers different kinds of information such as who’s connected... can detect all available data coming from new or historic devices. This data can then be captured, analysed and visualized in one dashboard.
The analysis will automatically discover certain trends and needs (machine learning). The output or result is data presented in the form of one or more API’s*. uses these API’s to create apps & dashboards to feed business intelligence systems for process automation.
Unifying and transforming this data will unleash new possibilities for organisations.

“The Smart Network makes your data more accessible, meaningful & useful and as a consequence allows us to identify certain trends and patterns related to your industry.” Said Steven Demets, Solutions Designer.

Discover more on new baseline “We Provoke Innovation”

With this new baseline wants to provoke/help organisations to innovate and to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation is critical to support growth, to adapt swiftly on customers’ demands and to reduce costs in this rapidly changing digital world.