What if your NAC solution could earn you money?


In this zero trust age we live in, your network needs access control. Our go to Network Access Control (NAC) solution is ClearPass by Aruba.

On top of being a very good solution for all your network access control needs, ClearPass can integrate with almost anything thanks to a very extensive set of API’s. Here are some real world examples:

In a hospital, all patients are registered on entry, either through the reception desk or through the Emergency Care Unit. The patient registration software sends the patients name to the hospitals ClearPass server through its API’s, which creates a guest account for the patient. The ClearPass server then sends back the patients authentication information. The patient registration software then adds this to the patients bracelet. Result: the patient automatically has access to the WiFi and no retraining of hospital staff was needed as nothing changed for them.

At a cultural institution, a ClearPass cluster is used as the single sign-on server (Identity Provider) for WiFi access, their website and online ticketing service. Every time someone registers an account, through either of the three before mentioned systems, their account is synchronised with the institutions CRM solution which holds all purchasing and visiting history. When a visitor is identified as a member of the press, or a patron, or some others special role in the CRM, this information is then sent to the ClearPass cluster through the API’s to be sent in the single sign-on response to the different platforms for personalised access. Result: Only one user database to maintain with only one place to find all the information of a user and a common way to handle logins on the different platforms.

As you can see from above examples, ClearPass can do more for your organisation than secure access to the network. It can change and simplify your business processes, or even create new ones with new revenue streams.


Steven Desmets