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The ICT infrastructure of a company, a school or an administrative authority is the central pillar of communication between employees, customers and staff. Accelerate your digital transformation by integrating a secure, agile and competitive LAN! QUANT has a versatile team of experts with many years of experience. Opt for a reliable partner for your network.

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LAN: the perfect combination of reliability and automation

QUANT's solutions boast many advantages. They are applicable to all sizes of organisations, from companies, to nursing homes, to universities. Printers, servers, PCs, IP telephony... You can easily link several terminals together and take advantage of a high-performance network and Internet connection.

The goal? Ensure an optimal and consistent user experience.



Security first and foremost

QUANT adopts the "zero trust" principle: every user, software or device is untrustworthy until proven otherwise. Your LAN is thus protected from cyberattacks from the outside, but also from internal threats. 

We proceed according to 4 pillars: 

  • prevention
  • protection
  • detection
  • assistance

Authentication, assigning a specific role to each actor, limiting access and continuous optimisation thus play an essential role in protecting your network.


Simplified operational management

Network management platforms are installed virtually via the Cloud or directly on your premises, they centralise all information and help every business leader to make strategic decisions. 

Users and devices connected to the network can be accessed via a secure authentication policy and unified access.  


A scalable and flexible solution

The installation of a LAN requires a long-term vision. It must be able to support the exponential growth of your flows relating to your devices and users. 

This is why QUANT works only with reliable partners so as to provide a solution that is sized for your business activities and grows apace with your needs.  


A question of automation

Anticipate problems and find solutions quickly thanks to analysis tools. An efficient way to satisfy its users and deploy a flexible and secure network. 

Why choose QUANT as your LAN integrator?

QUANT is a reliable, dynamic and flexible team of experts and professionals highly qualified for integrating ICT solutions, listening to your projects and serving your innovation!

We draw on our expertise and knowledge of the market to provide state-of-the-art ICT solutions and services that enable you to respond effectively and quickly to the constant changes in the sector so that you can attain your business objectives, meet your customers' demands and stay ahead of the competition.

Entrust the implementation and management of your system to an experienced and certified team. We provide 24/7 maintenance on the various technologies offered. These are also available in an "As a Service" model.

Our high level of specialisation makes us a reliable partner for all complex communication projects! Flexible and responsive, our engineers take the time to understand your needs and guide you through the entire process. 

QUANT masters all facets of the trade: communication, security, connectivity and network integration.   

Meet today's and tomorrow's business and ICT requirements and look forward to the future with peace of mind thanks to QUANT. 

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What is a LAN (Local Area Network)?

A LAN is a physical or virtual local network that connects several hundred devices and peripherals within the same work area. In contrast to the WLAN, data transmission is carried out using copper or fibre cables and, in general, via the Ethernet protocol.


What are the different LAN configurations?

There are two main categories: client/server, where the terminals are connected to a central server. This server manages all the files, traffic and access. For its part, "Peer-to-Peer" (P2P) does not have a central server. This type of configuration is mainly used by individuals who have e.g. two computers, a modem-router and a printer at home.


What is the range of a local computer network?

The range depends primarily on the standard used and on the transmission medium. It is possible to extend it over several kilometres with Multiple Gigabit Ethernet with optical fibre. In general, LANs rarely cover more than a building complex. They can, however, be connected to a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network), both of which cover a much larger geographical area.