ICT solutions for retail

The customer experience is at the heart of the development of consumption patterns. It is now essential to enhance the shopper journey and stand out from the competition.

QUANT implements ICT solutions tailored to your business needs that avoid unnecessary overheads. We drive innovation through a multidisciplinary team of experts with extensive experience and excellent knowledge of your market. Optimise your IT landscape! 

  • Maximise your time
  • Make your points of sale more profitable
  • Boost your productivity 
  • Offer your customers a unique experience


Intelligent Network: Optimize your business landscape

Stay on top of technology, predict future consumer behavior and make strong marketing decisions with the Smart Network!

The principle? Collect all the data from the different devices connected to the network, but above all understand the connections between them and use them for continuous learning.

  • Determine how many times a customer has entered your store;
  • Analyze the average time spent in a specific department;
  • Receive a notification on your cell phone as soon as a food product is no longer fresh;

And much more!

These statistics will allow you to manage the flow of customers, to adapt your store to consumer behavior and to streamline your actions and processes.

QUANT adapts to your needs and sets up a reliable and secure intelligent network. It's time to take it to the next level!

Network connectivity

Benefit from a smart and secure network in a LAN, WLAN or SD-WAN environment. Collect valuable, high-value data to address current and future buying behaviour. 


IT Security

Whether it's your network, your Cloud, infrastructure or communication, every element is secured based on the zero trust model. All applications, devices and participants are monitored and untrusted until proven otherwise. 


Communication and telephony

Do you need unified communications solutions? Collaborative tools? Take advantage of a scalable system with maximum flexibility.