SD-WAN networks

Control your costs and simplify your application and connectivity management with SD-WAN. QUANT sets up your dynamic networks with a high level of technical expertise. Are you looking for a reliable partner for your most complex communication projects? Our team combines innovation, security and knowledge of the market.


What are the advantages of an SD-WAN?

Today's IT environments are increasingly heterogeneous: multi-Cloud, multi-connectivity, multi-user...
By integrating the SD-WAN solution, you control, from a central point, a virtual network built based on a physical network.


The advantages for you:


Cost reduction through transport independence

Companies are in general connected via a legacy provider. SD-WAN is a complementary solution to MPLS lines (used by the WAN) and makes it possible to optimise Internet lines. Internal and external applications can be accessed using the best path depending on the traffic.

As a result, you are no longer bound to a single operator and can therefore bring competition into play to optimise your costs.


Multi-Cloud Technology

SD-WAN harmonises the various existing flows to provide a better user experience. All data are centralised on a multi-Cloud: The Internet can thus be used for connections to other sites or providers such as Google or Microsoft.

Performance is optimised in real-time for other important SaaS applications such as Salesforce, as is the workflow.


Innovative and intelligent method

Stable and flexible, this state-of-the-art technology is relatively new. Thanks to this technology, your network constantly adapts to your needs. This flexibility makes it more autonomous and efficient.


Simplified management

You manage your operations via a single dashboard and detailed reports on your network performance and applications are accessible in real-time.

The security of your SD-WAN network is provided by your integrator QUANT

Your applications may be used by several internal or external staff such as partners, employees, subcontractors. Our mission? Protect the strategic resources of your company. Your network integrator and connectivity expert QUANT  adopts a security policy focused on real-time access control and careful segmentation (micro-segmentation) of the network.

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Frequently asked questions


How to implement a SD-WAN?

The deployment of a SD-WAN infrastructure is based on the installation of dedicated equipment at each desired site (warehouse, shop, etc.). These different locations can communicate directly with each other in a unified manner. If the company has more complex needs, a virtualised deployment mode should preferably be used that can take care of other features such as traffic optimisation or network firewalls.

There are 3 solutions for its implementation:

  • Autonomous deployment: some solution providers offer routing equipment to be deployed and configured by oneself.
  • The network partner takes care of everything. 
  • The network partner pre-configures the SD-WAN solution, and all the customer has to do is connect it to his infrastructure.


What does the IT acronym SD-WAN stand for?

“Software Defined Wide Area Network” is a technology that aims to make networks smarter and more flexible. Convenience broadband links can be used to connect offices directly to the internet, without going through private lines (MPLS) or a regional office.  


What is the difference between WAN and SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is based on an SDN architecture that separates the data layer from the control layer. It is a kind of upgrade of the WAN that simplifies connectivity to the cloud and reduces user costs.

SD-WAN brings traffic in an automatic and intelligent way depending on the device, the region of origin, the type of application, etc.