ICT solutions for industry

Achieve your business goals with ICT solutions in line with your needs! QUANT helps industries to make the transition to digital transformation. Whether you specialise in research, food processing, textiles or logistics, your production chain is optimised and enables you to generate a multitude of tasks in a synchronised manner

  • Automate your processes!
  • Improve the maintenance of your equipment
  • Maximise the profitability of your production
  • Boost your productivity
  • Ensure the protection of your data


Need a Smart Network?

Technology is a way to formulate a relevant response to the ever-increasing challenges of the industrial sector.

Data are everywhere nowadays. But collecting them is no longer enough: it has become essential to understand the connections between them in a specific context and to make predictions in order to make the most of their full potential. By analysing such data and creating correlations, you can enable machine learning and make efficient and rational decisions for your industry.

With this in mind....

  1. QUANT implements smart, secure network that collects various types of data regarding its status, connections, actions of each user, etc.
  2. The data (from old and new devices) are then analysed. This action makes it possible to identify emerging trends and to detect specific needs (self-learning).
  3. The data are then compiled into a dashboard and can be used as an API. The result? You can create unique applications, feed business intelligence systems or automate your processes. 

Intelligent networks have the added advantage of monitoring all activities remotely to optimise performance. You will thereby improve your speed and efficiency. Substantial savings are made on costs and resources, and the condition as well as the service life of the machines are significantly improved.

QUANT: your partner for Industry 4.0

With its extensive expertise and multidisciplinary team, QUANT can modernise your digital landscape by optimising the speed, flexibility and security of your automatically controlled ICT infrastructure


Anticipation of potential problems thanks to the smart network

You thus save time and money while improving your production quota.


Operational excellence

Production is more efficient thanks to lower costs, improved product quality and reduced waste and downtime. 



QUANT is intent on providing highly secure solutions from the initial design of your infrastructure and during day-to-day monitoring operations thereafter. Every element responds to vulnerabilities. We apply the "zero trust" principle: no internal or external element is trustworthy until proven otherwise. 

Innovation never stops! Call on our services for an ICT solution
tailored to your sector and to ensure the profitability of your industry.