Smart network

What is the Smart Network?

The smart network is a collection of connected devices that allows the transfer of data and gathers different kinds of information such as who’s connected…

With our expertise, we can detect all available data coming from new or historic devices in your organisation and bring it together in one dashboard.

This data can then be captured and analysed.

The analysis will automatically discover certain trends and needs (machine learning). The output or result is data presented in the form of one or more API’s*. We use these API’s to create apps & dashboards to feed business intelligence systems for process automation.

Unifying and transforming this data will unleash new possibilities for your organisation. This is what we call The Smart Network.

The Smart Network makes your data more accessible, meaningful & useful and as a consequence this allows us to identify certain trends and patterns related to your industry.

This is how we provoke innovation for your business needs.

What makes something “Smart"?

  • A device is considered smart when it has processors, sensors, software and connectivity that allow data to be exchanged between the device and its environment, manufacturer, operator/user and other devices and systems.
  • Wait, didn't a network device already do this? Yes, but it never or rarely talks about itself, always about the network and its users.
  • So we want to make the network device talk about itself? Yes and combine all this information with the data about the network to gain new insights in the Smart Network.








The network gathers all kinds of data about it’s status, who’s connected, what they are doing...

Data capture

This data can be captured using tools like Network Management, Logging tools, Network Access Control, Specific data hubs.


The "compute" analyses the data. The analysis can adapt automatically when certain trends are discovered or specific needs are identified. (Machine learning)


The output is again data. This data is usually presented in the form of one or more API's. These API's can be used to create apps and dashboards, feed business intelligence systems and process automation.