Unified communications solution

The principle of unified communications involves bringing together a range of services in a minimum number of tools! Fixed or mobile phone, e-mail, fax, instant messaging, social media, video, document sharing, calendars, presence management, conferences, etc. Manage all your channels and applications within a single, user-friendly interface.

QUANT has over 20 years of expertise in the digital sector. We combine innovation, technical skills, knowledge of your market and quality partnerships to provide reliable solutions.


Benefits of fully integrated unified communications:


Stay in touch wherever and whenever you want. 

Unified communications recreates the ideal conditions for a working environment when you are at a distance and via the Internet. So, mobility is no longer an issue!


Promote clear and transparent communication between employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Team members can easily share their ideas verbally or visually live thanks to unified communicationss. Moreover, customer relations are enhanced: prospects get quick and appropriate contact. Employees can easily invoke customer files to understand better the context of each call.


Boost your company's productivity and work more efficiently.

You get a global overview of the availability of each employee, whether they are in the office or remotely. Meetings and call transfers are also easier to organise. 


Adopt flexible and agile solutions that guarantee speed and ease of management.

The collaborative and management tools are simplified and centralised on a single device. 


Control your costs. 

With unified communications you can reduce your outlays for travel expenses, capital, operating and maintenance costs, subscription fees for multiple communication solutions, etc. by providing the best possible experience.





Work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Work at any time

Work in the office

Work wherever they want

Use office equipment

Use any device

Have a predefined work objective

Work to order

Retain information

Share information

Use an e-mail-based system

Use IP-based collaborative technologies

Choose QUANT for your unified communications

The challenge of unified communications is complex because this approach is not just a fad but a real demand from users. They are now used to finding the same experience on all the media at their disposal!

The QUANT team can meet all your needs, whether your infrastructure is based locally or in the Cloud. It provides state-of-the-art technology and flawless security. 

Services and features offered:


Traditional devices are obsolete nowadays. Telephony is now based on an IP platform to obtain better sound quality. QUANT provides solutions with professional audio quality. If a user is not available, calls can be routed through a SIP server.


Have a real-time communication and collaboration solution and manage your presence status.

Ad hoc Conferencing

Turn a one-to-one conversation into a multi-user conference call with Ad Hoc Conferencing. You can easily add other features such as document sharing, without interrupting the ongoing call.

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)

WebRTC is teeming with possibilities and offers companies new creative applications. The aim is to turn every connected device into a communication device and to be able to share a maximum amount of information (calls, instant messages, file sharing, screen sharing) in real-time between browsers.

WebRTC applications offer e.g. the possibility to call online an advisor of a shop whose website we are currently consulting by clicking on the "call" button, to call for online assistance or to create a dynamic social network within the company.


Your technology offers a higher bandwidth thanks to the integration of the LAN. You can easily have a video conversation in very high definition! Different codecs are used in the WAN domain to send video over IP. The latest technology uses H.264.

One phone number only

Smartphone, PC, desk phone... Whatever the device, the "One Number" feature makes it possible to reach any user from a single number. This process is completely transparent for the caller! You can define a device on which you want to be called, or a set of machines that will ring simultaneously or in the order you define.

Is a phone call in progress? Activate the "Rapid Session Shift" in one touch and continue your conversation or video conference continuously, even if you change devices.

Secure and private conferencing

Do you need to discuss particularly important topics and issues online? Plan your conference and invite each participant by e-mail or timetable. The process is completely secure.


We always find the most suitable solution to suit your needs. Classic, consumer-based, public, hybrid or private cloud solution, etc. Everything is possible!