Aruba will secure everything at the Edge by integrating ClearPass into Silver Peak


With their acquisition of Silver PeakAruba Networks will take the advantage over its competitors, Cisco and Palo Alto Networks, in securing the Edge by integrating ClearPass in Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solutions.

The ClearPass platform has been identifying end devices for over six years, amassing tons of data on device fingerprinting, which is now being used to train Aruba’s cloud based A.I. driven Edge Services Platform (ESP). With this integration, not only will your SD-WAN policies specify how traffic should be handled based on the applications being used, but also on the hardware generating the traffic.

With the current proliferation of IoT devices, it is hard to keep track of what is using your networks resources and how. The ClearPass integration into Silver Peak, together with Aruba’s cloud based A.I., will make sure that the Edge of your network is secure, while network resources are allocated intelligently according to the expanded and, maybe, who knows, self-taught policies?

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Steven Desmets