Why Network as a Service?


NaaS offers several benefits for your company and organization:

  1. Flexibility: NaaS allows your business to quickly and easily adapt network services to meet changing needs, such as adding new services, applications and locations.
  2. Scalability: NaaS makes it possible to scale network services based on demand, meaning your business no longer has to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure to meet peak loads.
  3. Cost savings: With NaaS you don't have to make large investments in hardware and infrastructure, which means you can save money on capital expenditure. Moreover, you can outsource network management, completely or partially, which allows you to reduce the IT staff budget.
  4. Security: NaaS offers advanced security features, allowing your business to worry less about cyber threats and better protect its data.
  5. Easy management: With NaaS, your company can outsource all or part of its network management, allowing you to focus on your core activities and worry less about technical details.
  6. Reliability: NaaS offers guaranteed performance and availability, so your company can rely on a stable and reliable network connection.
  7. Always up-to-date: NaaS ensures that you can always enjoy the latest features and possibilities.

NaaS: flexibility, scalability, cost savings, security, easy management, reliability and always up-to-date.


NaaS is of interest to companies of all sizes and is expected to continue to grow in popularity as the digital world continues to evolve.

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Gert De Haes, CEO