Collaborative tools for business

Teleworking has transformed our professional approach. Enhance the development of your team and help it move forward towards a collective vision: working together to achieve common goals through the integration of collaborative tools. For a more connected and productive team... even remotely!

You want to...

  • Collaborate via screen sharing?
  • Create an intelligent bot that will automatically answer basic questions asked by users? Transfer the message to a qualified person in case of a specific request?

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, QUANT offers a complete integration solution to suit your needs. It adapts to your ecosystem for a customised result. You can rely on certified, multi-skilled professionals with an innovative approach

I want a complete collaborative solution

What are the advantages of collaborative tools?

Internal organisation, centralisation of applications and unified communications are real challenges for companies. Collaborative tools make it possible to explore new ways of working.

  • Make exchanges between employees more fluid by eliminating physical distance and sending e-mails.  
  • Save time by reducing delays between each project phase and have a dedicated virtual space, where all your tools are at hand, including remotely.  
  • Enrich your team's knowledge by facilitating information and knowledge sharing. 
  • Encourage teamwork and value each internal skill.  
  • Strengthen customer relations and respond precisely to the needs of your potential customers. 


77% of remote workers say they are more productive when they work from home.
Source : Cloud CoSo


Your integrator QUANT provides an intelligent, automated collaborative solution that meets the new demands in an age of "instant everything". The management of your workflows is simplified as a result.

Telephony, videoconferencing... Need scaling and innovative solutions that integrate additional features? Call on the QUANT team and build your professional projects. 

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