Communication security

Need a secure and functional communication infrastructure? QUANT has highly qualified people with extensive project experience. Protect the sensitive information exchanged during your online communications with SBC technology. It works equally well in "classic" solutions as in a Cloud environment or a hybrid configuration.


Why is it important to secure your business communication?

A large part of a company's internal or external communication is nowadays carried out via the Internet. Operator lines have given way to applications such as WhatsApp, Teams or Zoom.

Cyber risks are therefore increasingly present, but the problem is too often neglected... Is it because of poor use of technology? A lack of time and investment? Whatever the reasons, in an increasingly connected world, it is essential to implement the right tools to protect sensitive data and communication. Your online communication could thus be recorded without you even realising it... 

Trading, legal matters, financial information, medical data... Any leak can have considerable repercussions! Imagine... You are organising a board meeting during a business crisis, in order to discuss the issue effectively and make important decisions. It is essential to protect this type of extremely sensitive information! A hacker could reveal it if the data are not properly encrypted.

The security aspect should not, however, compromise the quality or speed of the discussion.  This is why QUANT uses SBC technology.

SBC technology: a serious ally for the security of your communication

An SBC (Session Border Controller) is a hardware device or software application that manages the way SIP* telephone communications are initiated, routed and terminated in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network.

Think of this technology as a kind of firewall between two networks that allows the transition of sessions that are authorised and blocks those that are not. The SBC controls the level of Quality of Service (QoS) for all telephone communications. As a result, emergency calls, for example, are given priority over other devices and arrive directly at the right place.

* SIP is a protocol that makes it possible for communication sessions to be established over the Internet, in the cloud and via VoIP. These calls are therefore used for voice or video chat, augmented or virtual reality, video games, etc.


The advantages for you:

  • Maximum flexibility and controlled costs
    Thanks to QUANT and the SBC technology, you are independent of your operator when it comes to the security of your communication. Changes can therefore be made quickly in a private Cloud, without having to negotiate with the service provider beforehand. 

  • More security
    The security policy of the Private Cloud can be greatly extended without having to take the security policy applied to the service provider's network into account. The private Cloud network topology is completely hidden from the outside world. The SBC provides protection against SIP vulnerabilities and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks from the public network.

  • Reporting
    The SBC is used to record sessions, intrusion attempts and each call status. 


As a service provider, QUANT communicates with you completely openly and proactively. Our solutions combine innovation, simplicity, performance and security to help prevent risks. The mobility factor is, of course, taken duly into account.