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The adoption and development of public and private Clouds are transforming the digital world of businesses. This progress requires performance, agility and reliability! QUANT places a flexible and innovative all-in-one solution at your disposal, without skimping on an optimal security strategy.

Opt for a workspace entirely designed to meet your needs and stay far ahead of the competition!

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Is your Cloud environment secure?

Let's take up the castle allegory again: your network is a fortress that is protected from external attacks, but also from internal threats thanks to our security solutions.


In this digital landscape, however, there are many villages: Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, ... Resources (IT data) are stored in these agglomerations (applications), but you have no control over them yourself because they are under the control of the village heads ... who reject any liability if a problem arises. Therefore, it is incredibly important that the way to our castle (network) is monitored.


Cloud Security makes it possible to install virtual firewalls in the Cloud environments of Google, Microsoft or Salesforce. The data are thus encrypted and migrated without risk. Moreover, you know exactly where they are.

The main advantage for you?

  • keep your independence from other platforms by having your own protection solution.


How do you build a robust and defensible security programme that supports business growth and agility?
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The cybersecurity of your Cloud network (whether public or private) is paramount. Threats are becoming more and more sophisticated and are particularly targeting Cloud providers. The reason? An overall lack of visibility into data access and movement.

QUANT controls the security of your Cloud data in 3 steps:

  1. Implementing a protection strategy and securing user access to applications and data (zero-trust principle - we trust no one!)
  2. Security solutions for your Cloud environments against risks, breaches and configuration errors
  3. Intelligent threat detection and on-the-spot remediation

An intelligent and comprehensive Cloud solution  

Expand the digital footprint of your company or institution with Cloud solutions. These innovative technologies are constantly reinventing themselves to deliver performance and security and can be adapted to any type of organisation. 

E-mails, files, contacts, software... Each element is carefully transferred to your new platform and can be quickly accessed from any location, depending on the roles assigned to each user.

Your Cloud Security solution includes:

  • Network and Internet access protection
  • Securing access to your public, hybrid and private Cloud
  • Monitoring e-mail servers
  • Protecting all terminals
  • Securing web applications

All parts of the value chain are secured: an efficient way to reduce your management burden and to optimise your profitability.

Why choose QUANT as your Cloud Security Expert?

QUANT's services provide a complete, 360-degree solution for your Cloud computing. The technology advances with the growing needs of your organisation and is highly flexible. 

Our highly certified team has the technical expertise to future-proof your infrastructure and make the most of the possibilities offered by the Cloud.

Our values? Transparency, agility and innovation! We keep you regularly updated on the security of your data and the risks involved, before responding proactively to any malfunction. Question?  Your contact person will answer it with pleasure and professionalism.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Cloud computing? 

Cloud infrastructure or Cloud computing refers to the process of accessing data in a "Cloud" (virtual environment) consisting of remote, interconnected servers. The resources are no longer based on local hardware (e.g. a physical computer) and are available through an Internet link. The use of storage memory and computing capacity of the servers must be optimal.  


What is the difference between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS? 

  • IaaS = “Infrastructure as a Service”
    The service provider supplies the external IT infrastructure (virtualisation solution, servers, networks and data storage) to a customer. The customer manages the software, data and operating system independently. 

  • PaaS = “Platform as a Service”
    This solution provides the same services as IaaS in addition to the middleware applications (operating system, web server, database, etc.) 

  • SaaS = “Software as a service”
    This is the most widely used solution for the general public and companies! The customer uses the supplier's platform (including installation, maintenance and configuration) in exchange for a monthly subscription.


Why Cloud Security?

Your Cloud computing system is exposed to various threats: data leakage, ransomware, loss of certifications... By not taking active Cloud Security measures, you risk being confronted with governance and compliance risks. This process can damage a company's image and bring it down.